We here at DC Fencing  can complete all your pergola and Verandah needs! The difference between and Pergola and a Verandah is:

  • A true Pergola is an outdoor structure without an enclosed roof. Pergolas can be open-aired or covered with shade cloth or shade baton.
  • A Verandah can have the same structure as a pergola, however Verandahs have a fully enclosed roof covering the structure and are waterproof.

We can help you organise all the necessary permits for any Pergola or Verandah, and we can install a guttering system to redirect rain water to your tanks or directly into your storm water system.

We have the complete range of Pergolas and Verandahs for you to choose from.

Contact us via the form or call us on 03 9018 7874 to discuss your new Pergola or Verandah now!

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‚ÄčOur Range of Pergola and Verandah Options include:

  • Flat Roof Pergola or Verandah (Timber, Steel or Colorbond)
  • Pitched Roof Pergola or Verandah (Timber, Steel or Colorbond)
  • Custom Pergola or Verandah
  • And More...